Sunday, March 14, 2010

Another Spring Break Bites the Dust

Spring break was hectic and a bit of a calamity, but fun nonetheless. I am glad Matt pushed us to go to Jackson Hole. It was beautiful, with relatively warm temperatures and great to get back in touch with nature. Skiing was an absolute thrill for me. After 1 full day lesson, I was back to a beginner-intermediate level after a rough start in the morning (my nerves were taking over). I fell in love with skiing all over again and really hope I can go more than once every 8 years. Matt on the other hand tried snowboarding, which I thought was safer than his nostalgic skateboarding. I was proven wrong. Poor guy was doing great, until he fell and fractured both wrists. My plan was for him to love snowboarding so we could go ski/snowboard at least once a year. It sort of backfired. He may try again, he may not. Word of advice: Wear wrist guards until you learn how to fall properly.

I saw some family and friends, didn't get enough work done, and managed to get a fair amount of sleep. We selected new floors for the house, and hopefully the construction will start shortly. I missed my pets very much, but they are all doing fine and I have 2 of 4 with me in Blacksburg this week.

I really needed to clean out the house and closets for charity and organizational purposes, which I had no time to do. While I want to go on a camping trip during my week off between 3rd and 4th years, I may have to sacrifice or come up with some plan to get the cleaning done with time to relax. I still owe myself a day of nothing but tv and relaxing.

Only 8 more weeks of 3rd year remain and less than 100 days until I leave for China. I am vaccinated and only missing a VISA and a plane ticket. Exams are spread out until the end of April. For now it's time to sit back, finish as strong as possible and enjoy my freedom of classes...never thought I would say that one, but also never thought I'd actually wear a blue jacket.