Thursday, September 16, 2010

Ophthalmology Week 1

The first 2 days of this block were insanely busy. My first day I had 3-4 appointments and a consult for a dog with Blastomycosis. The second day I had 2 surgeries, and both nights I came in at 10 PM to do eye treatments. The last couple of days have slowed down thankfully. The learning curve for using the instruments is pretty steep, and we are all a little intimidated. We have had a few sessions to practice, but looking at the eye closely is tough work. Then figuring out how to characterize what yous see with ophtho vocab is even harder. The clinicians and residents have been great and very fun to work with. Singing Jack Johnson and Usher while removing an eye was fun stuff. On top of that, I could also get use to surgery while sitting down.

Today I watched a cataract surgery and a surgery for a melting corneal fungal ulcer in a horse. That was pretty neat. Horses are less scary when they are asleep and he recovered really well. We put a graft over the defect, which was also neat to watch.

I hope I get marginally better with eye exams over the next 2 weeks. Tomorrow we have a lot of recheck appointments, including a Boxer with an indolent ulcer. I doubt I will be a slit lamp expert anytime soon, but I will just keep on trying. The eye is very complex and interesting, and challenging.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Orthopedic Surgery coming to a close

It is the middle of the last week of Block 6, and I have to admit I am a little sad. I have truly enjoyed orthopedic surgery about 50 times more than I thought I would. I am still a little intimidated by TPLO/TTA surgeries and pre-surgical measurements, but I have loved fracture fixation techniques. Tomorrow I will see possibly my last case on the block for a problem with the dog's jaw. While my orthopedic exam still has a ways to go, I have much improved over the block. Each day I enjoyed interacting with clients, their pets, and watching them regain use of their bones/limbs. Today I saw arthroscopic shoulder surgery that was amazing and a carpal arthrodesis. Tomorrow I will give my presentation on physical rehabilitation of animals.

The slower pace of the service has helped me enjoy the block, and I have not taken that for granted. I have fit many nap times into my schedule somehow, and last weekend I had most of the weekend completely off. That left me time to sleep in on Sunday, canoe the New River, and play with my fabulous pup.

My next 3 week romp will be with ophthamology and the amazing Dr. Pickett. I am excited for that busy service as well. I certainly started enjoying 4th year in the VTH this block and I hope my enjoyment continues. The NAVLE exam is 2 months away and I need to start spending more time studying on the weekends. Speaking of which it is time to get started with an evening session...