Monday, July 30, 2007

Finally it is real...scary.

My how time has flown since my last post at the beginning of the month.

Despite closing on our Blacksburg apartment on July 21 and moving most of my belongings down there July 20, the reality had not hit home until Thursday July 26 when my team at my current company, CFC, took me out for a farewell lunch at Sweetwater Tavern. I started becoming sad, pensive. As I tried to make plans to see some friends I realized quickly I was running out of time. Only 13 days remain between now and the start of orientation. 10 days until I move down to Blacksburg.

Over the past few days I have been sentimental about leaving my 2 boy cats, my townhouse, and adjusting to a new long distance relationship with my husband, after living together for over 5 years.

I tend to hesitate right before any major life change, even ones not of my choosing such as graduating high school and college. Because this is my choice entirely and will drastically alter my current and future life it is even tougher to swallow without questioning. I know within myself that the past 4 years leading up to this moment have constantly shown me this is the right direction, but now that it feels so real and so full of change (both positive and negative) it has become much easier to question.

I hope over the next 2 weeks I can find closure for my current career and feel more confident about my choice for my future career.

Monday, July 2, 2007

It's becoming real

So with just 6 weeks until orientation begins in Blacksburg, home of the VT Hokies, my nerves are getting rattled. I have begun collecting items I will need for school and have even started packing up winter clothes. I'll be moving the bulk of my belongings down to VT the weekend of July 20, with my soon-to-be roommate, Jenn Nagy.

Jenn and I went to Ikea on June 29 and actually had a fun time. We bonded over Red Robin burgers, bad DC drivers, and lifiting heavy dressers into a Honda Element.

I am very scared of anatomy class (so much to learn), but I will be using some free time during orientation week to begin learning some terms and some bones.

I heard from Big, Emily, who has said despite how hard it may seem it is possible to get through the first year successfully. She has given me some hope!

Rabies Vaccination Complete

Overall, the 3 shot series was a positive experience. I had no major reaction or swelling. Some minor pain in my arm muscle for a few days after the 3rd shot. The second shot was virtually pain-free. After being terrified of shots I believe this experience helped me get over this fear. Still not a fan, but not as shot adverse.