Monday, December 27, 2010

2010 in Review

Despite major east coast snowstorms, I made it from Blacksburg to Richmond to see my best friend and her newborn after 2+ years apart. It was amazing quality time, although this year's actual Christmas not being the most spirited for me. I was on emergency call Christmas eve. While only 1 non-urgent case was admitted, I was at the hospital most of the evening. Then Christmas Day I spent the morning at the hospital and Matt and I didn't do any presents. Matt also left Spokane's box o presents at the other house, so we had no way to pretend it was Christmas. Due to the lurking snowstorm, we decided to leave Blacksburg early Christmas evening. I was happy and relieved to make it to Richmond before the snow, but it wasn't the same holiday without Matt and the cats in our home. It was however, a fitting ending to the turbulent 2010.

Regretful Happenings of 2010:
My 2003 Honda Accord's transmission dies the day after Christmas 2009.
The ice and snow storm create significant water damage and headaches at the townhouse.
Matt takes a 20% pay cut for a few months in the fall.
My 1 week between 3rd and 4th year involves a trip to Boston to see my best friend, but a delayed volcanic cloud inhibits us from meeting up.
Garfield perforates his cornea during the 36 hours I am in Chicago and then endures a total of 3 eye surgeries and almost loses his right eye.
Spokane now resides with dad more than mom.

The Good of 2010:
New hybrid car that gets 40-50 MPG, but has no horsepower (or sunroof).
New hardwood floors, windows and paint job in the house.
Completed 3 academic years of vet school and try on the infamous blue senior coat.
Learned just what a trooper my Garfield really is.
Spent Friday's with Matt again for a few months.
Saw my best friend just before 2010 ends, and we vow to see each other at least once in 2011.
Travel to China for one of the most amazing cultural and veterinary experiences.
Lobbied on Capitol Hill for the welfare of animals.
Canoed the New River on a beautiful day.
Visited Jackson Hole, WY (on the downside Matt broke both wrists snowboarding).
Visited Fallingwater, finally.
Still no cavities for me.

New Hope for 2011:
A DVM degree with board certification
The right internship match
Matt's road to graduate school begins
No major illnesses for my pet family
Matt's 1997 Acura keeps on truckin'
We begin the part of our marriage where we live together again.
Isabelle gets the dental cleaning she deserves.

While 2010 created a lot of debt for us, on the whole like many hard times it made us all stronger. Who needs money anyway when you have 4 amazing pets, and a great husband. Thankfully, I'll be able to treat my own pets soon enough.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Back to the Grind and a Long Winter

Vacation is officially over as I type from Blacksburg. It is 20 degrees here with snow and ice all around. My 4 days as an extern at the Hope Center were eye-opening. I started to feel like a doctor because I was being treated like one for the first time. I started writing practical medical records and became more proficient and slightly confident in my physical exam skills. I detected an abnormal kidney on palpation and did not miss that many things when the doctors reviewed my physical exam findings. I performed open chest and closed chest CPR, and saw everything from an abscess to pericardial effusion in just 4 days. I kept thinking I sort of know what I am doing, and my gosh, someone is going to pay me to do this in just 5 months! It was exciting.

Over vacation I got a chance to do more yoga than I have done in months, and it was amazing. I also spent time with Spokane and successfully taught her to shake, but the roll over is proving difficult. The gentle leader intro was a success as well. I saw some friends and family, but there as just not enough time spent with anyone. They will be there in May, although rumor has it I won't have too much free time either if I get an internship.

Now I begin community practice, a rotation I have been looking forward to for a while. It should be a little more like the real world then some of the other hospital rotations and propel me forward toward May 14!

In the meantime, I am in a state of limbo. With board results and the internship match program pending until early February the suspense is killing me. I am trying to channel back to 2006 when I had to wait a similar period of time to find out if I got a vet school interview. I recall the first few weeks hard to not think about it, but after that I was able to put it out of my mind. I'll miss you vacation, but with only 3 primary care rotations left I must persevere.