Monday, January 28, 2008

It seems impossible, all over again!

Despite a successful first semester, vet school seems impossible again. The anxiety over the first test is back despite pro actively studying for almost every subject thus far. It's hard for me to believe it's humanly possibly to sleep, have a life, and actually stay on top of all the subjects I am taking simultaneously. I don't want to fall into the trap of studying test by test, but it seems hard to do anything else as the semester starts to gain head way. For some reason the "I am doing all I can do" attitude has lost its luster and all I feel is guilty when I spend a few hours away from my studies.

Hopefully getting through the next week and a half will boost my confidence yet again,but for now I am trying very hard to channel the anxiety.

This is also the first week of a true rotation on the new family schedule. It was still hard to see Matt leave tonight, but the weekend did feel much longer. I have a test to study for on Friday, so hopefully this week will fly by. The new 4 days a week with Matt should be much easier than the 2 days a week from last semester. I also pray he doesn't get exhausted by the driving.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

1st bad day is not so bad

This past Thursday I had a my first bad day of vet school for the semester. Nothing in particular happened. I just started to feel overwhelmed despite studying every night. Parasitology lab was quite chaotic and frustrating. Then I started to cook dinner for Matt, who was heading down, and realized I was missing a key ingredient after I had started cooking. The night ended with frustration over understanding the Vasa Recta's role in diluting the tubular fluid in the kidney.

Looking back this "bad" day wasn't half as hard to pull through as some bad days last semester during my transition. It does go to show that vet school is intense and I have to change even more to channel more positive energy and not let these things ruin my day. I have faith that over this weekend I will be master of the kidney!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

VBMA National Meeting Epiphany

While the cats all adjust to life in Blacksburg, I had a career-changing experience at the VBMA national conference at the NAVC meeting in Orlando. I met some amazing people, both students and veterinarians. I learned about curriculum's at other schools and how diverse they are. I learned about many of the challenges facing the industry today, but most importantly VBMA students were called together to work with industry leaders to focus on change for the future and the betterment of the veterinary profession.

I was very impressed with the caliber of students running the National VBMA and the respect the VBMA has commanded from industry leaders. It is exciting to be a part of an organization that will lead the evolution of the veterinary profession.

Thanks to some terrific sponsors, the conference had some terrific speakers, including Dr. Ernie Ward who spoke about fitting wellness practices into your life in order to be your best! I completely agree on this topic despite the crazy glances I received last semester when I went to the gym 3 times during a week of midterm exams. I believe in what Dr. Ward said, loved his energy level, and my chapter's VBMA hopes to have him speak on this topic further at our campus.

The last night of the conference BI sponsored a wonderful VIP banquet and Blue Man Group show at Universal Studios. Our ticket was also good for admission to one of the clubs. Th classy VBMA group chose Pat O'Brian's where we sang and danced to dueling piano players all night. A great way to end a life-changing weekend.

Although exhausted and already feeling the pressures of vet school (this happens all too fast), I hope this meeting will keep in perspective why I am here, and the impact I can have with the VBMA to shape my dream career.

Monday, January 14, 2008

1st Day Second Semester

Today was my first day of my second semester of vet school and it went well. It was good to be back. The classes seem very interesting so far. Today I had parasitology, epidemiology, physiology of the kidney (I know why your pee smells like coffee after you've had a cup of Joe) and Anatomy.

All 3 cats are now down here since Matt will be here typically for 4 nights now instead of 2. Heathcliff is super afraid of the digs, and Garfield is holding is own adjusting. Hopefully they will be like Isabelle soon. She loves it here. She is scared of the dogs but doesn't run under the bed all the time anymore. Poor kitties won't see Matt for 10 days now, since I am off to Orlando this weekend for a VBMA conference. That is one disadvantage about not taking the job down here. I hope that once we are in a regular rhythm the change will be much better than last semester. But for now its 10 days without my other half and not too much studying to do just yet.

Here's to another strong semester and hopefully happier times!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Back from the Orange Bowl

After managing to drive over 2000 miles to Miami and back, VT suffered a disappointing loss to KU. The trip was fun but not enough time in Savannah or Charleston. 2 beautiful cities we hope to return to.

It's hard to believe only 1 week left of the month long break before starting the second semester of vet school. While the break has been fun, it certainly was not long enough. I am looking forward to going back and learning more and beginning my new roles in the different organizations I am a part of.

My last week I plan to take it easy, treat myself to a facial and massage (courtesy of a great friend-Petra) and speak as a school ambassador to Oakton and Chantilly HS about veterinary career opportunities. My 6 shifts at the HOPE Center have concluded and were delightful. I even scrubbed into a exploratory gastronomy of a cat that ate a stuffed animal and observed a spleenectomy for the ages. The spleen was multi lobed and over a foot long. It weighed over 10 pounds!! It was great to be back in the clinic and see the great people that work there again.

I am nervous about next semester with the many changes taking place. Matt is still undecided about which job in Blacksburg to take and we do not know how the cats will do down there. I hope I didn't sign up for too many things and I hope I don't forget what I have learned thus far! (little studying was conducted over break)

Anyway reflecting on 2007 is amazing. I am so much closer to being a DVM than I was 1 year ago and it's hard to believe. I am very happy with the major life decisions I made and hope to continue down this path.