Sunday, January 6, 2008

Back from the Orange Bowl

After managing to drive over 2000 miles to Miami and back, VT suffered a disappointing loss to KU. The trip was fun but not enough time in Savannah or Charleston. 2 beautiful cities we hope to return to.

It's hard to believe only 1 week left of the month long break before starting the second semester of vet school. While the break has been fun, it certainly was not long enough. I am looking forward to going back and learning more and beginning my new roles in the different organizations I am a part of.

My last week I plan to take it easy, treat myself to a facial and massage (courtesy of a great friend-Petra) and speak as a school ambassador to Oakton and Chantilly HS about veterinary career opportunities. My 6 shifts at the HOPE Center have concluded and were delightful. I even scrubbed into a exploratory gastronomy of a cat that ate a stuffed animal and observed a spleenectomy for the ages. The spleen was multi lobed and over a foot long. It weighed over 10 pounds!! It was great to be back in the clinic and see the great people that work there again.

I am nervous about next semester with the many changes taking place. Matt is still undecided about which job in Blacksburg to take and we do not know how the cats will do down there. I hope I didn't sign up for too many things and I hope I don't forget what I have learned thus far! (little studying was conducted over break)

Anyway reflecting on 2007 is amazing. I am so much closer to being a DVM than I was 1 year ago and it's hard to believe. I am very happy with the major life decisions I made and hope to continue down this path.

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