Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Last Day of Class

While the past few weeks since spring break have been dragging along, it is hard to believe that today was the last official day of classes. While studying worms and protozoa for 5+ hours last night I had the realization, amidst boredom, that one week from last night I would be studying for my last exam of first year.

The funny thing about that is right now I don't exactly believe that it will actually be over. That for a few months my life will be my own. It does not seem possible that first year will be complete in less than 1 week.

While I hope its true, I feel there must be a catch. But to make the time go faster I will stop wondering how this could be ending and get to staudying some tapeworms.

And beware of gumball machines, they may contain pin worms. Pinworms are NEVER carried by or transmitted to humans by dogs and cats. DOGS and Cats DO NOT get pinworms!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

8 days to go...

With only 8 days of school left (11 until I am home) I have very mixed feelings today. Heathcliff and Garfield are about to make their journey back to Northern VA and the next time I see them I could have successfully completed my first year (fingers are crossed). There are 5 huge hurdles (exams) to cross in only 8 days, with parasitology being the largest burden to bear. I am nervous about exams, my summer plans, and as usual the unknown.

How will my summer decisions play out?
Will summer be fun or all hard work? Will I miss my cats and Matt all summer?
What will next year be like?

I know I cannot wait to be free for a few months, but change, while welcome, is a bit scary.

There is an uneasiness in the air. What just 1 week ago was excited anticipation to be finished with 1 year of vet school, is now stress, worry and oh my god Friday May 2 through Wednesday May 7 is going to be horrible! At least there are 89 of us in the same boat together. All worried, all excited, and all ready to have a life for a few months.

Quick and painful and then its summer...

Friday, April 18, 2008

Push Week is Over!

I could have studied more. As a vet student you can always argue that, but I believe that I passed my late week exams, and given the week and my motivation that is something I am proud of. It is a miracle, but we do not have an exam or quiz all next week. We actually have time to catch up and study for final exams.

Since spring break this semester has dragged on, but at some point it does actually have to end, right? For some reason today I feel it ending and I feel myself successfully completing this year. It is a bizarre feeling. Just one year ago I wondered can I do this? What will happen? And now I just have 2.5 weeks to go...

I am taking most of this weekend off to attend a wedding in Baltimore. I hope that having some fun and being a person for 2 days will motivate me for the next few weeks because I sure need some movtivation.

Despite having a final exam this morning, I have 2 more classes and a double lab on a Friday, ugh. But the weekend is almost here...I can smell it.

April 16- 1 year anniversary

What a rough day here in Blacksburg. Besides being burned out from school, this tragedy is all I have been able to think about this week. I spent the morning cleaning the apartment. Then I went for a run to clear my head. To sequester myself into studying I went to Panera Bread for the 6 hour marathon of parasitology and epidemiology. I used the free internet and violated the contract not to sit at tables larger than your party size or occupy tables for more than 30 minutes during peak times...oh well.

In the evening, I went with 2 good friends to the candlelight vigil on the drillfield. It was very powerful and emotionally heartwrenching. As the candle flame was passed around I felt a strong sense of unity. I wanted to use my flame to light everyone's candle. Then they read the names, and no one held back tears. The military bugles played in call and response, and the silence spoke for itself.

Last year when I was exicted to be accepted into vet school, all anyone wanted to discuss was April 16. As a result, I was emotionally in denial that such a horrible act could be committed in such a wonderful place. This year I ended the denial and mourned. I do not think the shock that this happened to such wonderful students with such potential will ever go away.

I will continue mourning, but I will not recede back into denial.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

2 1/2 weeks of classes left

This week is a tough week, the last tough week until finals. The one year anniversary of the April 16 tragedy is sandwiched in between 2 major exams and a pretty major quiz. What an emotional and stressful week it could be. But once it is done, no more exams until finals begin. We haven't had a week without 1 test since week 3, so it should feel good.

My drive weakens with each week, but I see the light and I cannot wait to be finished with first year and begin my summer.

Stay tuned for info on my summer research project and a recap of April 16 events in Blacksburg. I hope to make it to either the evening candlelight vigil or the morning ceremony. Since I have the day off, I want to remember the tragedy, but I also have 2 tests to study for Thursday and Friday, and some cleaning and packing to do for the weekend.

I will be packing for my "adopted" little brother, Ed's, wedding in Baltimore Saturday April 19. So exciting. I have watched him grow up from the kid on the couch always watching the Simpson's to a terrific person who is fun, caring, and has become a great friend to Matt as well. It will be fun to run into some high school friends/teachers and see Ed and Patti get married. I was there for the beginning of their relationship and it has been amazing to watch them both mature! Next weekend could be a nice break from studying, or it could make me yearn for summer more.

Oh how my friends and I want to become a "people with a life" again...

Monday, April 7, 2008

Exactly a month left of 1st year

The vet school open house was a fun time, and very weird to be on the other side of the coin greeting prospective students and selling merchandise. Before I began vet school, I was an open house junkie. I had been to 3 prior open houses as a prospective student. It was a lot less intimidating from this side.

Matt and I checked out the international street festival that was suppose to be outside, but due to weather was held inside the student center. Some performances were fun, others left a little to be desired, but the food was excellent. There were many ethnicities to choose from, so we sampled from South America, Asia, and the Middle East.

Last week, in terms of academics, went smoothly. This week is packed with 3 exams and next week is the same. Then we will have a short reprieve before finals, I cannot believe that...finals. Hopefully I make it without catching the nasty cold virus circulating the classroom. I have been mindful of my rest (when I can fall asleep that is), and drinking many fluids and tea.

This weekend is the community dog wash, which all first year students have to participate in. I have the 7:30-10:30 shift to get it over with while my sleeping beauty husband, well, sleeps.

My friends and I all dream of summer, as our momentum and motivation to keep going has started to wane.

Here's to one more month, albeit the hardest, of second semester first year.