Monday, April 7, 2008

Exactly a month left of 1st year

The vet school open house was a fun time, and very weird to be on the other side of the coin greeting prospective students and selling merchandise. Before I began vet school, I was an open house junkie. I had been to 3 prior open houses as a prospective student. It was a lot less intimidating from this side.

Matt and I checked out the international street festival that was suppose to be outside, but due to weather was held inside the student center. Some performances were fun, others left a little to be desired, but the food was excellent. There were many ethnicities to choose from, so we sampled from South America, Asia, and the Middle East.

Last week, in terms of academics, went smoothly. This week is packed with 3 exams and next week is the same. Then we will have a short reprieve before finals, I cannot believe that...finals. Hopefully I make it without catching the nasty cold virus circulating the classroom. I have been mindful of my rest (when I can fall asleep that is), and drinking many fluids and tea.

This weekend is the community dog wash, which all first year students have to participate in. I have the 7:30-10:30 shift to get it over with while my sleeping beauty husband, well, sleeps.

My friends and I all dream of summer, as our momentum and motivation to keep going has started to wane.

Here's to one more month, albeit the hardest, of second semester first year.

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