Friday, April 18, 2008

Push Week is Over!

I could have studied more. As a vet student you can always argue that, but I believe that I passed my late week exams, and given the week and my motivation that is something I am proud of. It is a miracle, but we do not have an exam or quiz all next week. We actually have time to catch up and study for final exams.

Since spring break this semester has dragged on, but at some point it does actually have to end, right? For some reason today I feel it ending and I feel myself successfully completing this year. It is a bizarre feeling. Just one year ago I wondered can I do this? What will happen? And now I just have 2.5 weeks to go...

I am taking most of this weekend off to attend a wedding in Baltimore. I hope that having some fun and being a person for 2 days will motivate me for the next few weeks because I sure need some movtivation.

Despite having a final exam this morning, I have 2 more classes and a double lab on a Friday, ugh. But the weekend is almost here...I can smell it.

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