Sunday, April 13, 2008

2 1/2 weeks of classes left

This week is a tough week, the last tough week until finals. The one year anniversary of the April 16 tragedy is sandwiched in between 2 major exams and a pretty major quiz. What an emotional and stressful week it could be. But once it is done, no more exams until finals begin. We haven't had a week without 1 test since week 3, so it should feel good.

My drive weakens with each week, but I see the light and I cannot wait to be finished with first year and begin my summer.

Stay tuned for info on my summer research project and a recap of April 16 events in Blacksburg. I hope to make it to either the evening candlelight vigil or the morning ceremony. Since I have the day off, I want to remember the tragedy, but I also have 2 tests to study for Thursday and Friday, and some cleaning and packing to do for the weekend.

I will be packing for my "adopted" little brother, Ed's, wedding in Baltimore Saturday April 19. So exciting. I have watched him grow up from the kid on the couch always watching the Simpson's to a terrific person who is fun, caring, and has become a great friend to Matt as well. It will be fun to run into some high school friends/teachers and see Ed and Patti get married. I was there for the beginning of their relationship and it has been amazing to watch them both mature! Next weekend could be a nice break from studying, or it could make me yearn for summer more.

Oh how my friends and I want to become a "people with a life" again...


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M said...

When is Matt moving to Blacksburg?

Vet Student M said...

Matt is not moving back to Blacksburg (who are you m?) He works from here Friday and Monday. He had 2 offers down here but due to the money and his office accomodations that is the path we chose, for better or for worse. We are not sure yet.