Friday, April 18, 2008

April 16- 1 year anniversary

What a rough day here in Blacksburg. Besides being burned out from school, this tragedy is all I have been able to think about this week. I spent the morning cleaning the apartment. Then I went for a run to clear my head. To sequester myself into studying I went to Panera Bread for the 6 hour marathon of parasitology and epidemiology. I used the free internet and violated the contract not to sit at tables larger than your party size or occupy tables for more than 30 minutes during peak times...oh well.

In the evening, I went with 2 good friends to the candlelight vigil on the drillfield. It was very powerful and emotionally heartwrenching. As the candle flame was passed around I felt a strong sense of unity. I wanted to use my flame to light everyone's candle. Then they read the names, and no one held back tears. The military bugles played in call and response, and the silence spoke for itself.

Last year when I was exicted to be accepted into vet school, all anyone wanted to discuss was April 16. As a result, I was emotionally in denial that such a horrible act could be committed in such a wonderful place. This year I ended the denial and mourned. I do not think the shock that this happened to such wonderful students with such potential will ever go away.

I will continue mourning, but I will not recede back into denial.

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Tayaki said...

wait wait, panera has RULES regarding using their internet? had no idea. i'm so bad, i spend HOURS at starbucks at a table for four studying and mooching their wireless. my theory is if you pay for something, seats, internet, etc. are yours to enjoy till you leave...even if it is about 4 hours later. :)