Tuesday, November 27, 2007

For good reason

This time I have lapsed because I relaxed over Thanksgiving break. I had time to clean the apartment at school and relax in Northern VA with my kitties. Heathcliff got bathed and groomed and looks so handsome (pics to come). Got to see some friends and family, cook, eat and sleep in.

Looking forward to Holiday break for more of the above.

In the meantime it's the last week of class before finals. So far so good. Completed a group immunology presentation on Type I diabetes which hopefully went well. In any case I learned a great deal about T regulatory cells, autoimmune diseases and diabetes.

I also had a fun lab demonstration in the amazing equestrian center on campus. I have decided to spend part of my summer with horses, becoming more familiar with them, and perhaps learning some riding basics.

Tomorrow I will meet with a student advisor about tracking and summer opportunities in Blacksburg. So it is all starting to come together.

I have also begun the path of getting more involved by applying for different student representative positions and possibly running for office in the companion animal club, pathology club, and maybe some others.

I am just studying and riding the wave into the beach.

Thursday, November 15, 2007


Well some of the worst days are behind us in terms of first semester. Anatomy finished yesterday and I ended fairly successfully, considering its the most intimidating, time-consuming class of first semester. (man does next semester sound intimidating, but we won't go there yet).

I had a scare last night that I failed my first quiz on swine. Thankfully 3 answers were keyed into the system wrong and I did not fail at all. Phew. I was pretty upset about it at the time.

So tomorrow night is the big Anatomicus Terminus Party with body shaped themes for food, friends and faculty. Should be a blast, and a great camera op!

Well here's to beating Miami Saturday and a great Turkey Day, oh and 10 days"off", although you're never really off in vet school..

Sunday, November 11, 2007

What a game!

So this past Saturday I witnessed one of the best football games of the season. The Hokies defeat FSU for the the first time in history and what a grand win it was!! It was also very cold.

The beginning of winter in Blacksburg has started with frost on the windows more days than not. But I am prepared and will savor any day over 60 degrees from here on out.

One more anatomy test to go on Wednesday on the reproductive tracts of 7 species, man those human med folks have it easy. This section has been tough, you have no idea how complicated the male genitalia is!!

Obviously pictures would be slightly inappropriate, but if I think of something fun and non-offensive I will post.

Here's to one more week before Thanksgiving and 10 days off!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Losing Steam

With only 1 anatomy test remaining before break and many of the little things for this week finished I am definitely running out of steam and drive to study. I hope t be productive before Thanksgiving break, and I certainly hope to refresh for finals during that week. As things got better in terms of getting used to Matt being away this week has once again been difficult. It's not as if I am falling apart, like earlier the semester, its more just the sheer fact that I miss him during the week. Especially this week for whatever reason. And there is no real reason I just do.

If I still have any readers out there please comment from time to time. It's hard to keep writing thinking no one is reading. And if its too boring I certainly take suggestions. I hope to have some pictures posted from the very fun SCAVMA ball that was last Saturday but I cannot install the driver for my camera just yet. No driver for the vista:(

Anyway will write again soon with some fun info!