Sunday, November 11, 2007

What a game!

So this past Saturday I witnessed one of the best football games of the season. The Hokies defeat FSU for the the first time in history and what a grand win it was!! It was also very cold.

The beginning of winter in Blacksburg has started with frost on the windows more days than not. But I am prepared and will savor any day over 60 degrees from here on out.

One more anatomy test to go on Wednesday on the reproductive tracts of 7 species, man those human med folks have it easy. This section has been tough, you have no idea how complicated the male genitalia is!!

Obviously pictures would be slightly inappropriate, but if I think of something fun and non-offensive I will post.

Here's to one more week before Thanksgiving and 10 days off!!

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Lars said...

Edit...not the first time in history, but Frank Beamer's first time...and the first time since 1975.