Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Losing Steam

With only 1 anatomy test remaining before break and many of the little things for this week finished I am definitely running out of steam and drive to study. I hope t be productive before Thanksgiving break, and I certainly hope to refresh for finals during that week. As things got better in terms of getting used to Matt being away this week has once again been difficult. It's not as if I am falling apart, like earlier the semester, its more just the sheer fact that I miss him during the week. Especially this week for whatever reason. And there is no real reason I just do.

If I still have any readers out there please comment from time to time. It's hard to keep writing thinking no one is reading. And if its too boring I certainly take suggestions. I hope to have some pictures posted from the very fun SCAVMA ball that was last Saturday but I cannot install the driver for my camera just yet. No driver for the vista:(

Anyway will write again soon with some fun info!


Lars said...

They are reading...just not commenting. Reid said he read it the other day. Keep plugging away...maybe more coffee is needed for some steam to pull you through the next week.

all but 1 said...

Hey, I read you. Heck, I even added you to my blog roll. And don't worry, each year gets better than the last one.

Nadine said...

hey! I just started reading your blog and you asked for comments :) I'm going back to the beginning and reading it all. I'm 25 and just started back at school this fall to do pre-req's for vet I'm still a couple of years away from even applying. I just wanted to let you know that I love your blog!
- Nadine