Sunday, October 28, 2007

I see the light

So somehow, someway, tomorrow marks the light at the end of the midterm tunnel. Tomorrow is the 3rd of 4 anatomy exams and once it finished at 4pm, the official 3 weeks of midterms will be over. Of course "next Friday never comes" and I have 3 quizzes to take this week, but by no means are they as rough as the past few weeks. And no major exams for 2 entire weeks!! What a breather.

The class is bowling Tuesday to celebrate. I began celebrating this weekend after a disappointing loss to Boston College (how heartbreaking and rainy). Friday was a trip to a cattle beef farm and then a big anatomy study session all night to free up the weekend for some fun.

The rainy week ceased Saturday afternoon and Matt and I traversed the epic Dragontooth hike. A challenging but very fun hike. Then we headed for some well-deserved carbs before going to the movies!! Yeah a fun weekend, despite intermittent studying for anatomy. I feel fairly prepared despite the use of free time and ready to spend a week or more playing catch-up on other subjects. This time however its at my leisure (more or less) not on the timed schedule of midterms. It feels good to be more than halfway done with my first semester at vet school, in fact it feels damn good!!

I'll try to update more often from here on out. I am hoping for a speedy couple weeks to Thanksgiving break. 10 days of blissful tv watching here I come!!

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