Friday, October 5, 2007

In the thick of it

If I still have any readers left, my apologies for the hiatus. The heat of the semester has begun and the next 2-3 weeks will be rough with midterms. I am happy to report that so far so good wrt grades. But some big exams coming up.

I went home to Oakton last weekend to see my cats Garfield and Heathcliff and it was a treat! They weren't mad at me and they remembered me immediately and went back into their old routines. I also got to catch up with some family and friends and welcome my sister officially as a DC metro resident! Yeah.

The sad news is that while I did get some studying in, it was very difficult to leave home, which was so comfortable. I struggled with test anxiety and missing the other half of my family through Tuesday.

I seem to have bounced back for now and spent almost every waking minute studying this week. I have been proactive in preparing for my next 3 exams, studying during lunch and coming close to burning out. Last night I let myself go to sleep early and I have no idea what to do with almost 9 hours of sleep, but it feels good.

The long and short of it is, I'd be happy if the rest of my family was here to support me physically and mentally on those really bad days and I am tired of every Sunday being a "bad day." But fingers crossed that Matt can find a job in B'Burg sometime during the spring semester.

Until then I must plough through and enter the thick of it starting Monday with an anatomy test on the thoracic cavity, Thursday with immunology and 3 exams the following week. Then it tapers off and pretty soon it will be November for better or for worse.

Some days it really seems impossible and other days you don't think about it. Sometimes you start enjoying it and other times you just want to sleep and watch tv, (that's how I feel today.) Instead we have a guest speaker talkng about animal laws and how they affect veterinarians.

Talk to you soon from Blacksburg!

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kate said...

Aaah, the life of a student! I would'nt trade places with you in a million years! On a more encouraging note - I am so impressed and inspired by what you are doing. It is awesome and you have so many people that are proud of you. I can't believe you find time to write a blog as well. From now on I name thee Wonder Woman!!!
Love you loads.