Sunday, October 7, 2007

Today was a good day

Although not over by any stretch of the imagination for a vet student, today marks an important day in my first semester. The first Sunday I was genuinely happy. I awoke without worrying that Matt was leaving, but instead had plans to go to the lab with some friends in preparation for the second anatomy test tomorrow. Instead of being super anxious this time I feel pretty good about this test, in fact with time to spare to study immunology and work on a quiz.

Even though I was at school yesterday from 11 to 5 without Matt, he understood and we watched the VT v. Clemson game together. We played an energetic game of racquetball this morning. In addition, my wonderful husband noticed that the apartment is out of toilet paper and tissues, and seeing our tough schedules and tight budgets, took it upon himself to go to Walmart for us, a dreaded trip as we all know.

His support this weekend is why I am happy today, why I didn't cry hysterically, and why I know I can get through the next 2 weeks of 6 exams. And after that hurdle passes, the rest of the semester should seem like a breeze.

So now I look ahead to 2 weekends from now to a great hike and some real quality time for Matt that both of us will have earned!

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M said...

You're totally gonna do it on the hike. Beware of poison ivy.

I miss you!