Friday, September 21, 2007

A Long Week Closes

This week was week 5 and one of the longest weeks of the semester. We had our first anatomy test, which is the biggest deal here. All the teachers know we have it and make a big deal of it, the second year class takes us out for drinks after, and to top it off the exam was hard and 3 hours long. We got the lab results back that day and I did okay, not as well as I hoped but not too bad. The lecture portion was pretty rough and I never need to get that part back.

It was definitely a reality check to study a subject for 4 weeks and start preparing for the exam over a week before and still not feel prepared. The other quizzes, exams haven't been like that until now. I have to prepare a little differently this time. In the meantime the whole class is trying to catch up on all the subjects we set aside to study for anatomy. So the big question is how do we deal when in 2 weeks we have 3 exams in 1 week?

My hope is to catch up for good this week and review all topics as if the test was the next day. I also have 2 papers to write, which are small but take up time of course (what doesn't).

It hasn't set me at ease that I have heard many second and third years talk about failing tests and how hard stuff is. It does not get easier...yikes.

But here I am with my first anatomy test down and still alive. I know many people who bombed one test and are still vets (including my mentor), so there is hope.

I did learn this week that a 70 is a D, what kind of grading scale is that?!!

Anyway I am scared of mid-terms but preparing now and trying to be more time efficient than I had been but not at the expense of my workout regimen or taking some time for myself.

I am craving to watch some tv, however, which is a complete cliche in the life of a vet student. Sometimes you have to choose between tv or a nap? When given the option I usually opt for nap.

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M said...

Aw Rappity-Rapp (it doesn't work as well with "Larsen"), you're gonna make it, I promise! And now you have a sexy come-on line for Matt's next visit, "hey baby, can I examine your anatomy?"