Monday, September 10, 2007

First cold, First exam

I caught my first, and probably not last cold of the year. I tried ignoring it but it took over on Saturday. So I was sick for my very first exam in Physiology. I'll let you know how it went, apparently the grades get posted very quickly here. While I am feeling better, I am definitely not 100%. I plan to go to bed early this week. I think I may have overdid it last week, trying to stay up later to study more while everyone in class was sick. I can't compromise sleep and save the immune system.

Despite being sick it was a fun weekend. Kicked off with the April 16 memorial concert featuring John Mayer, Nas, and Dave Matthews. Friday night Matt got to meet my new vet school friends as we took on the town of B'Burg. Saturday I struggled to deny my sickness and study all morning. The afternoon broght BBQ and fishing a stock pond nearby with some friends. Matt caught a fish on his very first cast...then nothing thereafter.

Sunday was once again hard to see Matt leave, but I just may have to accept it won't get easier but possibly more manageable. I set up a support network and studied for physiology with friends at the greatest coffee shop (Mill Mountain Coffee).

The moral of this story is to stay healthy, not compromise my sleep, and keep on studying...

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ND said...

I always used to get sick after my exam was over-- the stress got me through it but then when I relaxed... wham!
We miss you in yoga and body-sculpting! As Jill says, Watch that rear view! ;)