Sunday, March 30, 2008

Back from Spring Break-The Ides of March

Well it's the height of March Madness, spring break has come and gone, and feels as if it never was and just 4.5 weeks of classes left before exams. I am definitely tired out. Studying is more of a chore right now than particularly enjoyable. And while only a few weeks remain, more than a few exams still lurk in the future unfortunately.

Coming back from spring was difficult for me. I couldn't the sleep the first few nights, not due to stress but to due to reacclimation I suppose. I plowed through and have been sleeping better since Matt aka sleeping beauty, go back to Blacksburg. So clearly, it had something psychological to do with leaving my "home" in Nova. I have no idea why 1 week caused an entire re-adjustment to occur, but it did.

The week ended with an exciting meeting with my mentor on my sumer research. He picked my brain on my interests to target with his research background. He is extremely nice and got me excited about working this summer with other grad students, state of the art equipment, and exposure to as many types of research techniques as possible, both cellular and animal research.

This week will be long (2 exams), but interesting with a replay of the NAVC elephant in the room conference tomorrow night with VA legislators and veterinarians to discuss the future of the profession with respect to salaries and student loans.

The week will end with a 5K on Saturday in support of cancer and the open house, that I had attended 3 times before I was a vet student and now I will be on the other side of the table. I plan to help with electron microscopy tours, club selling tables, and a housing fair for the incoming class.

So here's hoping for a good week. I am still back in transition so I will have to take it slow and day by day to make it through. May 7 cannot arrive soon enough!

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