Tuesday, March 4, 2008

In the thick of it now

It is week 8 of the semester and could not be further from the middle of the semester and one of the toughest weeks. We have a nutrition final tomorrow and the dreaded parasitology midterm on Friday, which terrifies pretty much the entire class, myself included. I studied pro actively and hard for the first quiz and received my lowest vet school grade so far, so I am trying my best and hoping it will be good enough for Friday.

Everyone is tired and more than ready for spring break. Only 1.5 weeks stand between spring break and school,but that entails 3 tests and 1 quiz:( Not included any catch-up work if we don't want to spend all of spring break studying (which I do not!)

I will cease blabbering and put my nose back into my books for a few more hours.

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