Monday, February 2, 2009

Let the Exams Begin!

It is the 3rd week of classes and the games begin Wednesday. Many of the weeks of this semester are 2-3 exam weeks. As I have been talking to many other classmates and 3rd years, apparently the pre-exam anxiety I have starting this week is normal, and unfortunately does not go away with further advancement through the program. Each semester is so different, and we all find ourselves having to prove to ourselves time and again that yes we can do this.

So here is hoping that this week goes well, and makes me remember that yes I can do this.

Musculoskeletal exam Wednesday, Wildlife Medicine Midterm Friday. Until the weekend...


TylorRae said...

Hi :) I just found your blog, and I swear, I read every single post!

I'm in college, pre-vet right now and taking a bit of leave to determine if this is really what I want to do with my life. Your blod is very helpful.

I know you have literally NO free time, but is there any way you would be willing to answer a few questions I have via email? Let me know via comment or email me at You have no idea what it would mean to me.

Congrats on your accomplishments!

Vet Student M said...

Yes please email me anytime. I am flattered and happy to help.