Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Recap of a Busy Summer

Over the past couple days in between long hot dog walks, appointments and packing I have been reflecting on my last summer as a vet student. It absolutely flew right past me. I did not get to hang out with friends as much as I had liked to, but unfortunately that's part of life as people spend more time with their significant other and job and summer vacation plans.

In terms of veterinary experience, I feel well-rounded, but my brain feels rusty. I wish I had time to review some anatomy and pharmacology, but don't we always have that wish, yet somehow it never comes to fruition.

I feel confident with my clinical skills and look forward to surgery class this fall, after performing numerous spays and neuters and mice vasectomies.

In terms of quality time with the hubby, well is there ever enough time? While work consumed me during June and beginning of July, I found my balance between the gym, Matt and work and it started to feel very nice. We had a month where we biked every weekend, which was great. We jogged around monuments and tested outdoor trail courses in our area. Our trip to the Outer Banks was a true highlight and one I hope we take again sometime.

It has been over the last week, however, that I really can look back at this summer and smile at how much I accomplished and managed to have some fun sandwiched in between.

I am anxious to return to school with my large obligation, my new dog Spokane, and how she + 3 cats will fit into my vet school life. She seems to need a minimum of 2 long walks per day and she can still get puppy crazy. On the other hand I am taking the least amount of credits this semester and some of the classes are very little work/pressure.

As I was packing my closet today, that old feeling came back. The feeling that our life up here is so rich and complete (more complete than ever with dog) and how I do not want to give that up or be without Matt again. While I haven't been the best wife this summer in terms of cooking and cleaning he continues to be supportive of all my daily trials and tribulations. I will miss having him during the week and can only hope I adjust to it a lot quicker this time.

I am also ready to get on with it, put pieces together and get to 4th year. I hope I can make it through this fall semester sanely and successfully.

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