Thursday, September 3, 2009

First 2 Weeks of 3rd Year Under the Belt

Having passed my surgical pretest today, I think it is safe to say that third year is amazing. Everything is clinical and relevant and my do I think my summer prepared me for the fall. I am one of the few not nervous about surgery. (me not nervous in vet school, what is going on?) A friend of mine and I brainstormed and started realizing well, we have done 2 years, we know what need to get done, how to do it, and that it will happen. You don't come this far to let it slip away. We are also in lecture less and laboratory more, which is terrific.

I definitely have forgotten a lot of the info over the past 2 years, but I have to remember that it takes more than 2 years to be a great doctor and there is nothing wrong with looking things up, as long as the correct binder or text book is within reach.

The menagerie or Larsen zoo is doing well. The cats have their domain and the dog has hers. 2 of our cats may venture into her domain now and then, and sometimes Spokane chases and sometimes she calmly acknowledges and ignores. While coming home for lunch everyday is not as efficient, it's also not too bad, and other than on surgery days seems like it will work out fine.

A couple weeks from now is a rough week. We have 2 big exams and its the first week of surgery labs. Right now that is the major hurdle. Once I get through that, if successful, the rest of the semester should cruise on by.

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