Friday, September 25, 2009

College Days Remembered

Very rarely has vet school reminded me of undergrad. This week after Wednesday's public health exam, however, has had minimal classes for my track and no exams for a while. I have been able to spend time outside playing with Spokane and trail running again.

Thursday evening I volunteered for the pet loss hotline and it was a very rewarding experience. I spoke to a woman who lost her favorite dog to a number of severe diseases a month ago. Since I am taking a communications course this semester and we recently discussed euthanasia and client grief I was anxious to try be a good listener and help this grieving owner. Our conversation went very well. The woman opened up to me and ended by telling me I truly helped her and she appreciated my help and the many veterinarians she has met. She really valued the medical care we provide for animals and noted what I had known for a while, that in many ways veterinary care exceeds human care in terms of veterinary-client compassion. It gave me confidence that I will make a good vet one day, especially since on average 8 pets per month are euthanized per veterinarian.

This week was much lighter than the prior week, but still fun, fulfilling, and challenging.

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