Saturday, October 17, 2009

Mid Semester Blues

While 3rd year is worlds away better and more manageable than second year, we are all getting tired and the novelty of clinical relevance is starting to wear out. I once again long for more free time and mindless activity. I will admit the semester is going by very quickly and with 8 weeks under my belt, and only 4 weeks left of classes it is a downhill slope. That slope is of course filled with multiple choice tests, hours of studying and sitting, and the intimidating surgery practical final exam.

But the light at the end of the tunnel involves Thanksgiving break.

On a positive note, I have basically worked out my senior schedule and I will be going to the Chengdu Panda Reserve in China, Humane Society lobbying group in Washington DC and the wildlife center of VA as my elective blocks. Pretty exciting. It really does feel like I will be a 4th year, which seemed absolutely impossible just 2 years ago.

The trickier part of registration is figuring out what classes I don't want to take next semester. They seemed to have saved all the fun electives for the spring, but lecture burn out is definitely starting to seep in. I plan to register for a bunch and drop once the semester starts and I evaluate how burned out I am after 5 semesters of vet school.

To the downhill crunch of the Fall Semester!

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