Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Repeat of Second Year for a Month

Today was my last day to play outside and take the weekend leisurely. Fortunately, the fall foliage has peaked and winter is on its way. Unfortunately, my stress and flashbacks of last year and the impossible hurdles of vet school are back. This week I have a neuro exam and man is this stuff tough. To top it off I don't remember those cranial nerves and muscle innervations as well as I thought I did. Time to break out the flashcards. Next week I have surgery and 2 more exams, and 2 exams per week until Thanksgiving.

Deep down I know it is possible, but it will require another level of focus I haven't had most of the semester. I have not had it because I didn't need it. I have been having enough time to stay on top of things, but not anymore. Luckily it should go by quickly, and here's hoping for success. It was nice to have some pressure off, back to the real vet school I suppose.

On another note, Spokane has been doing well. She has amazing moments of listening, coupled with bouts of being stubborn. She knows her commands, but now chooses when to do them. We have started some off-leash fetching and training, which is exciting. She still has her bad days and way too much energy, especially when it is cold, but she is an amazing dog. I am sure I won't always be thinking that as I embark on a rough few weeks, but in the long run I think we are both happy to have her.

As usual this time of the semester I am tired and starting to get sick of school. I desire to be a 4th year, or better yet be working and living my life again. I will persevere and hopefully make it turkey, holidays and one last academic semester.

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