Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Winter Has Arrived.

So finals finally ended. They were long and somewhat painful, but another semester is done and it feels terrific. A snowstorm slammed the DC and Southwest VA area with 2+ feet of snow, making the trip home a little longer than usual.

Once exams ended I splurged on a massage and took a nap. I have cleaned my apartment in Blacksburg and our town house in Northern VA. I am finished with cleaning for a while. I was late with the holiday cards, but they went out nonetheless.

Yesterday I started my internship search by visiting Friendship Hospital in Washington, DC. They have a great intern program and I was impressed by the amount of doctors (22) and the elective week and dental rotations their program has. Since I have only worked at 2 hospitals, it was interesting to see how other hospitals are run and staffed. I was slightly overwhelmed by the amount of work I will be doing as an intern and the 5 days off per year...ouch. The schedule mentoring sessions and rounds made it clear to me that they do value training their interns, and I believe my clinical skills would hugely benefit from a year there. I just need to decide of my marriage and my body can take such a tough year.

Life of a veterinary student= always more to think about.

I will be visiting 3 other hospitals and working 6 shifts at the Hope Center over break. It will be nice to get back into the clinic and visiting the hospitals is very helpful, but both mean not a lot of free time.

Life of a veterinary student= not a lot of free time, even on a break.

I also want to wish all my followers a very Happy Holiday and a Successful 2010.