Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Finals Have Begun- Let the Good Times Roll

As usual I am in a constant state of finals depression. All I want to do is study and watch tv, maybe read some productive and non-productive material. Instead all I am allowed to do is study. To keep my sanity I work out the bare minimum hour a day, and to keep the dog sane, I walk her or send her off to daycare.

Our first exam was GI yesterday and while it went well somehow, I was delirious taking the exam. I studied all weekend, felt like I knew nothing, and semi-panicked during the exam over one case I couldn't figure out. It lasted 2 hours and 40 minutes. Now I am mentally exhausted, but am forced to push through it for 4 more exams.

One day I will figure out why finals are so horrible. They weren't in undergrad. We don't have any classes to hinder our study time, so what is so bad? Is it that we're at the end and exhausted? Could it be the word "cumulative"? Is it the weight bearing down on us that all we have to do is study? I don't know, but finals exhaust and depress me.

Here's to December 17th!

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