Sunday, November 29, 2009

Another Break Bites the Dust

Sadly, it is the last day of Thanksgiving break. I shopped a little, saw some good girlfriends and family. Ran trails and did some yoga, studied a touch, and lounged a touch. While I could use another week, I am slightly rejuvenated to get back to the grind for just under 3 more weeks. Finals will be hard and as they approach I am getting a little queasy. Compared to the last 3 weeks, however, they should be the same or slightly less stressful since classes won't be getting in the way and thankfully the exams are spread out over 2 weeks.

It will be hard not to focus on my busy winter break. I will going to a wedding, cleaning the house, shopping, visiting veterinary hospitals with small animal internships, entertaining my mom for a week, working 6-7 shifts at the Hope Center emergency clinic, and finishing up the dental modules I signed up for (I only completed 2 of 10 over this break).

Here's to 3 more weeks of the second to last semester of sitting on my butt in class. It's time to push just a little harder.

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