Saturday, November 21, 2009

Made it to Thanksgiving Break!

The 3 weeks of intense examinations finally came to a screeching, exhausting halt on Thursday. For the most part all the exams went well, sacrificing sleep along the way. The night before the neuro exam I stayed up until 1 am studying, the latest I have had to stay up since vet school. It was a true cramming session, but in the end it worked out and I took a nap and watched some tv after the exam.

I am still decompressing and trying to get a few good nights of sleep to become normal again. The past 2 weeks reminded me more of finals than third year, but we have 2+ weeks of reprieve before our hardest final hits, gastroenterology. It is nice that it will be first and we can get it behind us.

Now I have a 8 more days to relax, recoup, cook, eat, train dog, and try to catch up for finals amid other errands and doctor's appointments. Only 3 weeks stand between me and winter break and having 1 more classroom semester to go before clinics.

Happy Thanksgiving bloggers!


Life in vet school said...

Are you already on break? Or are you still in class but done with exams? If you're on break, I'm very jealous -- we don't start until Wednesday! Congrats on finishing a rough round of midterms!

P.S. I'm impressed that 1AM is the latest you've ever stayed up studying! I regularly stay up until 1 the night before the exam (bad idea, I know) and last year for the Neuroscience final I was up until *4AM*! You must be a more efficient and/or disciplined studier than I am!

Vet Student M said...

Yes we get the whole week off, but we don't have Labor Day or Columbus Day and we start in mid-August. I learned first semester that I don't function very well on little sleep (<6 hours), so I do all that I can to study efficiently and get sleep. Sometimes, however, that doesn't happen. What vet school do you go to?

Thanks for reading.