Thursday, February 18, 2010

3rd Year Winter Blues, Spring Break in Sight.

Well 4 exams behind me and no more exams for 2 weeks. It feels relaxing. The long days of sitting in class are also behind me, thankfully. So far so good this semester, but vet school is losing its' novelty. I know what I need to do and how to do it, but I am ready for the challenge of the clinic. Despite my blah attitude, I decided I should just sit back and enjoy the last semester in the classroom, where I have time off during the day and my own flexible schedule. The weather, however, is not cooperating. With the snow still piled high and arctic temperatures 20 degrees below normal its hard to enjoy my time.

I hope for winter to pass and a lovely spring to replace it. Spring break in 2 weeks off to the Grand Tetons. Hopefully it will be relaxing, fun and not too cold. In the meantime we have been challenged with sever water damage to the house due to ice and snow in our gutters, Spokane having no temperature too cold for her, and crossfit workouts.

As always I am keeping busy despite the wind trying to blow me over.

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CaitlinJonne said...

Hi there! I am a High School senior in Florida, preparing myself for the long 8 year road to a veterinarian career, and I recently discovered your blog a few months ago. I am on April 2008 right now. I just wanted to tell you what an amazing insight you have provided me and how much I appreciate it! It's incredible to be able to get current, first hand information on the life of a vet. student! I'll keep reading, so please, keep updating!