Sunday, February 28, 2010

Almost to Spring Break

Less than 1 week and 2 exams stand between me and spring break. Both exams mark the final exam for 2 classes, and 2 steps closer to the end of 3rd year. Last weekend, the weather was temporarily warm and Matt and Spokane and I played outside. It felt rejuvenating. This past week I spent very little time in the classroom. I was productive in catching up on some lectures and preparing for my exams this coming week.

I also organized my last Pfizer event as a student representative. Somehow I pulled off a spectacular pain management wetlab Friday evening. Everyone who attended seems to have greatly enjoyed the lab, and I was happy to have my last event be more than just another lunch time meeting. For those of you readers not in vet school yet, you will know what I mean soon enough.

I did a little more planning for my elective externship block in China. I received $1500 toward my trip from the school and purchased additional health and evacuation insurance. I plan to purchase my plane ticket over spring break and my VISA in early May.

All in all things are coming together. Matt and I picked out some new floors to repair the house that I absolutely love, and our trip to the Grand Tetons is one week away. I found someone to watch the pup while we are away and should get to some friends and family albeit briefly when we return to DC.

Here's hoping the hemolymphatic final exam goes as well as the midterm and I can pull off a passing grade for my pass fail advanced imaging elective, which I have not even started studying for just yet.

After spring break, we will only have 6 weeks of classes left. Exiting. More importantly I hope warmer weather awaits.


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