Monday, February 7, 2011

96 days Left and Life Post-Vet School is coming together.

Today is February 7, 2011. A long awaited day in the veterinary profession for those awaiting placement in the internship and residency match program; for those in the know, today is "Match Day."

It is hard to believe I started as a kennel assistant at the Hope Center, a state of the art referral center and will be returning as a veterinarian. I could not be more excited to spend my first year as a doctor learning from some of the best doctors and working with amazing technicians!

Only 96 days remain before graduation. My remaining rotations include: anesthesia, equine services, and lab services and an external block at the Wildlife Center of VA. I feel I have made many strides as a senior student when I look back on the first few rotations, but I still have a lot to learn. Because transition periods can be hard for me, I am trying to reminisce as well as think of the future. It is easy to like vet school in retrospect, but it is also hard to forget the sheer exhaustion and stress that came with the ride.

I am only beginning to comprehend the reality that I set out 7 years ago to become a veterinarian and with boards and match day behind me that journey was a success. In addition, that journey was only the beginning of a long career of learning, helping animals, helping people, being frustrated and exhausted, fulfilled, and longing for boredom. Veterinary medicine is an amazing career, but it comes with a price. Balancing that price will be a challenge next year,but as I have learned the past 7 years, each difficult step forward prepares you for the next difficult step left to take.

I am so thankful to the clinicians that wrote my recommendations, were patient enough to teach me, and everyone who has believed in me. The experience came at the cost of a modest home, but truly has been priceless.

96 days left...


Krissy Wood said...

Way to go!
I'm a first year vet student and sadly I've got more than 96 days left! But your blog is inspirational and I will be there someday, probably feeling the same way too, like I have a lot to learn still!

Richie said...

Hi there! Is it possible if I could gather insight on applying for a uni/college in veterinary studies? I'm an international student and yea well I wouldn't have a clue on the first step. So yea..

Future DVM said...

Congrats! I cannot wait until I have 96 days until graduation from vet school!

Your blog is a huge inspiration for me too. I hope you'll keep us posted on your journey after you graduate.