Monday, February 21, 2011

Special Guest Post by Veterinary Technician Tina Marconi

3 Reasons Why Veterinarians Should Honor Thy Veterinarian Technician

Anyone with even the minimal knowledge of the medical field knows that saving lives and curing illnesses is a team effort – no one doctor or other health care professional is able to handle everything by themselves. It’s the same in a veterinary practice – no one can operate a one-man show unless they want to end up becoming overworked and unable to handle their cases with the required care and efficiency. This is why assistants and technicians are hired – to help out with a veterinarian’s practice, and just as nurses are important to the scheme of things in a people hospital, so too are veterinarian techs extremely important in the world of animal care.

Veterinarian’s who think they know it all and so abuse their techs and assistants or treat them badly should remember that unless they respect those who work for them:

· Their practice could go downhill: Veterinarians who don’t respect their assistants and techs could end up losing their services; no one wants to work for employers who don’t treat them well. And when the word gets around that the veterinarian in question can’t hold on to an assistant or technician, his/her practice begins to go downhill because no one wants to work with them. Overworked veterinarians are not effective, they soon start making mistakes, and they end up losing their clients because they are perceived as not being proficient at their job.

· They could lose regular customers: Veterinarian techs are not just responsible for assisting the veterinarian in all his/her tasks; they’re also the ones who liaise with clients, set up appointments and follow-up visits, and provide aftercare for animals that have undergone surgeries or which require hospitalization. So when a veterinarian does not respect his/her veterinarian tech, their unhappiness and dissatisfaction spills over to the client and patients, and soon enough, the regular ones too start looking for other veterinary practices to handle their pets.

· They tend to show the same attitude toward the animals they care for: Veterinarians are perceived to be kind and gentle people, simply because they’ve chosen to work with animals, creatures that cannot talk and must be handled with love and kindness. But if a veterinarian is abusive towards or does not respect the people who work for him/her, it stands to reason that they’re not going to adopt the right attitude when providing care for animals. They could be skilled and well-trained, but the clinical approach does not work well on animals that can sense hostility from a mile away. Veterinarians who are warm human beings make the best kind of animal doctors, and those who fail to respect their veterinarian techs and assistants may as well shut down their practice and find another occupation.

This guest post is contributed by Tina Marconi, she writes on the topic of online veterinarian tech programs . She welcomes your comments at her email id: tinamarconi85[@]gmail[.]com.

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