Thursday, April 14, 2011

Block 16 into Block 17

Spring fever has arrived and graduation fever arrived with it. My locker is cleaned out. My coveralls, surgical gowns, extra scrubs, old stethoscope sold to other students. Received my internship schedule today for the next 12+ months. Only 1 more rotation left between Class of 2011 and graduation day. That day we thought was impossible, that now is going to happen. I have been reflecting on how much I have grown through this process and how excited about my new career I am.

My last rotation at the teaching hospital has been more fun than I ever expected. My week on equine field services included going to Mill Mountain Zoo to help work on a 15 year old snow leopard with chronic vomiting. I jumped in and drew blood, ultrasounded his abdomen and learned once again that a regular vet can do zoo work on the side. The vet was humble, nice and applied his small animal knowledge to the leopard. I felt comfortable ultrasounding him and with his work up and thought to myself, "I could do this." It was a great trip and I learned they make portable fun.

I have truly enjoyed working with horses. WHile I still don't know the lingo or how to lunge a horse, I do know a nice horse when I meet one and totally understand why they are deemed amazing creatures. I hope to have some trail/pleasure horses one day and definitely want to learn how to basic ride.

Meanwhile, I can count my days left in the Burg on 1 hand, but they are fun days. Saturday is 3.2 mile for 32 run in remembrance, a run I have done every year while I was here. Saturday is also Spokane's last agility lesson. Then it is off to Northern VA for a day to unpack the house and transport the cats for the final time. When I return to Blacksburg it will be graduation week, time to celebrate, canoe and camp with friends and get ready for a new chapter.


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