Sunday, August 26, 2007

Finding My Way

I survived the first week of vet school, which is considered quite an accomplishment albeit a baby step. It was certainly a lot of work, mainly studying anatomy. We're only on bones and man are there many different parts to one single bone. Some vocab of note:

tubercle=notch or bump
tuberosity = larger tubercle
And everyone's favorite to sound smart"external occipital protuberance"=bump on the skull

I had a major computer catastrophe Friday and had to pay some loot to reinstall windows. Things seem to be fine now but being without Internet for just 24 hours proved stressful since many classes are on line and vet students get 15-20 emails per day (no clue when they want us to check these)...

Meeting all new people has been challenging but friendships are forming quickly.

It is slightly intimidating that after only 1 week I studied at least 2-3 hours a night in addition to being in class, and most of the classes had only 1 lecture which was just an introduction. It is interesting and will only get more interesting once we get past the cell biology.

It's difficult being far removed from my life back in NOVA, but Matt and I are working with it. We are certainly excited to see each other this Friday for the football season opener Saturday and the long weekend.

For those of you that are curious Isabelle is adjusting very well. She stands her ground to the pug and Boston Terrier (who loves cat food and wants to play with Isabelle). She started hanging out outside of my room and spending a lot less time under the bed. She even had the moxy to drink some water from the dog's bowl.

This week involves a lunch time speaker about animal vaccines, and animal welfare club meeting and no class Friday, so it should be a better week, barring any more crazy computer issues.

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M said...

I remember those terms! Wait till you get to muscles & stuff. My favorite phrase ever is "thoracolumbar aponeurosis".