Sunday, August 12, 2007

What a week, what a start!

Wow. After what felt like a marathon I am down here and orientation begins tomorrow. Let's review the week leading up to the move:

Tuesday 1am: Arrive Dulles airport after a great weekend in Portland with my great friend and former roommate and bridesmaid Andra. The weather was lovely. We enjoyed the great outdoors, the roses, Japanese garden, bridges, bicycling, hiking the falls, and finding great new music. A great trip to unwind and relax before school.

Too bad my luggage took over an hour to deplane at 2 am.

Tuesday 9am: Take car in for maintenance then go into work...exhausted and in a time zone in between coasts.

Tuesday evening: Visit with family in Bethesda for a small send off party.

Wednesday: Work, pack, DC Improv to see friend Andre perform with some co-workers.

Thursday: work, pack, see David Beckham live and playing soccer, enjoy great rain shower and very festive soccer fans

Friday: work, pack, drive to Blacksburg. Meet my roommate Jen at our place and head to Red Robin for the well deserved veggie burger after unloading the car. Matt arrives 2 hours later.

Saturday: Unpack, unpack, unpack. Attend VVMA info picnic on a farm clinic. Hit Target and Walmart. Unpack and organize more.

Saturday night: Head to "Big" Emily's for food, beer and nighttime pool hopping.

Sunday: Unpack, hit grocery store, buy some VT gear, have lunch with Matt at SubStation. Say goodbye to Matt (not easy at all), attend ice cream social with class of 2011 and 2010. Hit gym and finish organizing for the big day.

I have so many doubts. I am scared, excited, ready, not ready. I miss my life before, my life of just a few days ago when Matt and I chill on our couch with our cats and watch TV and read the paper. But that life is familiar and this is new. New is always hard but hopefully excitement can replace the doubts and worries over the coming days. If any couple can make this work its me and my Hokie.

Here's to the start of hopefully the most difficult and rewarding decision of my life.

I'll let you know how it goes ;)

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