Monday, December 10, 2007

One final push

So far so good. One exam/class left. I can't believe it, but boy am I ready for a break. It's so hard because I can taste Wed 12/12 at ~11 am. Histology was a huge success and very satisfying. I left the exam realizing how much I learned and will actually retain and use in my career. It's pretty neat to know what organs look like on a microscopic level!

So immunology is what remains and it covers breadth of material. I have been studying for almost 8 hours now and have tomorrow to keep plugging. I don't feel as prepared going into this and I am terrible at cramming which is what has to be done, but hopefully it will come together in the end. A lot to get done and I must be efficient and focus on the exam and not Christmas break!!

It was 65 degrees in Blacksburg today so after the biochem exam some friends and I went for a run at my favorite place, Pandapas Pond. I figured you must take advantage of the unseasonally warm weather when you can and get outside. I am looking forward to break but must study hard for the next day and a half. Only 2 days left of my first semester of vet school!

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