Monday, July 21, 2008

Last Summer Weekend in Blacksburg Was a Blast!

After my last full week of research, a very fun weekend was well-deserved!

Saturday kicked off with the highly-anticipated Frank Beamer Ladies Football Clinic. It was quite a scene. Football players and coaches were treated like movie stars, women of all ages fawned over the great bodies of the players. The attendees were the biggest hokie fans I have ever seen. Almost everyone was decked out in VT gear from head to toe, yet everyone was shopping in the bookstore during breaks, despite the additional and plentiful giveaways of the event itself (2 free t-shirts, visor, car flag, books, etc).

It was quite the VT football experience. The clinic included:
  • Defensive and offensive demos by female volunteers and players
  • Watching films just like the players and coaches do.
  • Learning about the coaching and training schedule.
  • The lowdown scoop on the recruiting process.
  • A Q&A session with Coach Beamer himself.
  • An excellent strip tease from Tyrod Taylor, #17, and Sean Glennon
  • And many, many autograph opportunities.
Directly from the clinic we headed to Salem for an Avalanche game on a beautiful night. It was great fun people watching for jorts.

Sunday we finished painting the bathroom then headed to the New River Junction for some tubing. It was a great day for tubing and very relaxing.

Matt and I then headed directly to see Batman. The best Batman movie ever and possibly the best movie of the year. It did not disappoint at all.

This week is the much anticipated Pfizer Animal Health Conference for student representatives. I hope it will be fun and informative. I will also be seeing a good high school friend that I have not seen in years.

Here's to a fun, non-humid summer in Blacksburg that ended with a bang (and football players in their boxers...)

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