Sunday, July 27, 2008

Pfizer Educational Alliance Conference 2008

The conference was well-run and informative. The presentations on the different drugs were a good review of some things I learned this past year and a good preview of pharmacology to come. I always enjoy meeting students at other schools and this was no exception. In fact, 4 people from this conference will be attending the NIH student conference next week at Michigan State.

I was impressed with the roles of the Specialty Hospital Liaison (SHL) that Pfizer has created. They are committed to an educational, not selling focus. I am excited to organize new events at VT over the next 2 years.

Staying in midtown was rough for me, however, It was convenient to meet up with friends for lunch and after hours, but too many tourists for my liking (more on this thought in the Paradigm shift entry).

Meeting the other SHL veterinarians and hearing their career paths was, yet another eye opener to the many opportunities available to veterinarians. It was fun to gain insight on the different opportunities Pfizer has for veterinarians. They made it clear they have an interest in us after we graduate. While an enormous company, the organization and people had me questioning how evil corporate pharmaceutical companies actually are. Of course this was probably a major objective of the meeting.

As for a Pfizer career I will continue to keep an open mind, and use their educational resources to bring great programs to my school. As usual, I look to leave a legacy at VMRCVM, and I hope I figure out just what that legacy is over the next 2 years, but I believe my role as a Pfizer student rep has a part in this goal.

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