Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Summer Research Program Complete

Thankfully, flying to Lansing, Michigan went off without a hitch in both directions. The conference was very informative and got me very interested in lab animal and primate medicine careers. I met many vet students from different schools, and got a chance to meet up with some of the Pfizer student reps I had met the week before. The highlight of the conference was a pathology classic rock band, that played classic rock songs with veterinary pathology-based lyrics. It was very funny, and after some cocktails the dance floor was bumpin'!

The poster presentations were a little disappointing for me since most people there were more interested in the more clinical versus microbiological research posters. I did have 1 person seek me out based on the abstract, but he had detailed questions on the next part of the research that I did not have time to conduct.

But the conference presenters and seminars were very well done. While I was a little conferenced-out or overloaded from last week too, it was a great way to end my summer research exploration.

Now I have 1 week until I leave for the UK. While exciting, it means that the summer is almost over and I may not be ready for the marathon to begin. I am ready to learn more info, but there were so many other goals I wanted to accomplish this summer that may now have to be pushed into Christmas break. Of course I have next summer as well. And I have already begun thinking about next summer's plans...

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