Friday, September 19, 2008

Sometimes the Plan has to Change

I hate disappoint some inquiring readers, but details on the complimentary medicine class may have to wait until next year. I caved under the stress and dropped the class. I felt so much better after I did. I felt like I could breathe. This week was rough and I did not realize that in addition to all day Saturday and the 3 nights this week, the class was also meeting next Monday night. With a huge bacteriology exam looming, it didn't seem possible to lose half the weekend and Monday night and be prepared enough for bacteriology. I was so confused and really did not want to drop it. A friend suggested I talk to the assistant dean, and he put it in perspective. These are core classes versus an elective and if I am that stressed about it, I can take it next year or as CE credit as a practicing yet (here's hoping). While I know I am missing a great class I really did need the time. Although I have been studying for the pathology exam all semester, I still studied for 7 straight hours last night and probably did okay on the exam but definitely not an A. So, I needed the study time for path and I know I'll need it for bacteriology. while the class will be amazing, it was not worth that added stress right now.

Needless to say I was beat today and instead of having a productive FRiday afternoon at te library and the gym I went home for a nap, then to the gym (I love rowing class), but have not done much studying yet. I guess if I was this exhausted today I would have been more exhausted if I took the elective, so another positive of dropping it.

I would like to take this time to wish my best friend Roxy a happy 30th birthday. In the honor of life as a vet student, I cannot make it to celebrate her birthday with her. Oh the sacrifices we make just to be a veterinarian.

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