Wednesday, September 24, 2008

We can do this!

Today was the dreaded first bacteriology exam. Of course, my preemptive stress has me more concerned with the dreaded pharmacology midterm next week, that most 3rd year's remember as being a serious doozy. While many people thought bacteriology was horrible, there were enough questions to get some wrong and I have high hopes that achieved a B, which is fine by me! After the exam we had a short pathology lecture with Professor Sponenberg, who is sarcastic, weird, and funny. He took the extra time to give us a pep talk to remember the day we got accepted and keep that excitement and to know that minus a few exceptions look at the graduation wall and remember that the majority of us will make it. He promises that in the middle of 4th semester at some point we will actually be putting this stuff together and thinking like real veterinarians.

For some classmates this was a good pep talk following the exam. For me, it reminded me how excited I am to be in vet school; to be a part of this profession, to contribute to it and get back from it one day. It was the pep talk I need to know that pharmacology is doable and I will get to October 4th, Thanksgiving and Christmas break!

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Miss Future Doctor said...


sounds awesome.
eh, if im worried about exams now imagine when i get into vet school. *sigh*

well, that is my goal