Friday, October 3, 2008

It feels like second year!

What a week. The pharmacology exam was a spitfire. I studied all weekend for it, including an intense 9-hour library session that only involved bathroom breaks. Was I well-prepared? No. Do I think I did well? Probably not. We were all so exhausted after that, but of course we had to study for a theriogenology exam on Friday. I had been studying for this all along and even though I felt prepared Friday morning, I was also quite challenged by this exam as well. Up until this week, while intense, second year was not much worse than first year. The material is more clinically relevant, and the labs involve live animals and clinical procedures, beyond memorization. This week, I studied harder than ever, and felt challenged beyond my comfort zone. I suppose this will be a positive attribute in the future. At the current moment, however, I feel tired, burnt out, and not in the mood for 2 more hours of theriogenology of the cow.

I don't know if I should let the brain rest or study even harder, although I don't think I can do the 9 hours straight again anytime soon.

Thank god it's Friday and next week involves no exams.

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