Monday, October 13, 2008

New Outlook

Thanks to some excellent support from a professor and co-worker, I understand that no matter how impossible it may seem, I have to have some sort of life this semester. This weekend, despite a big Monday bacteriology exam I went to the soccer game, a movie and for a long walk/run on Sunday. And I am working through this week to get to a longer hike this Saturday. It's too beautiful here not to enjoy it and it was starting to get to me. And I felt refreshed instead of burnt out like I have felt these past few weeks.

I no longer care as much about grades, I am here to learn. Good grades feel good, but that's not why I am here. I will do all I can learn, pass, and be happier!

Hopefully I can keep this mentality up a little longer. After this week we are on the downhill of the semester. Day by day, week by week, Thanksgiving will be here!

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Tayaki said...

thanksgiving is my absolute #1 favorite holiday. no presents, just food and family.

i'm with you about just learning. i just want to pass all my classes and get on to fourth year.