Monday, October 6, 2008

Test Free Week

Some people get excited about tax-free shopping week. Vet students, however, get excited about test-free weeks. They equal anxiety free weeks. To top it off most day this week for me are half days with just 2-3 classes, plenty of time to study and work out. I am battling a cold so getting back into the workout groove may not go as planned.

Following last week's high stress, little sleep, this morning the classroom resembled an infirmary. Everyone was coughing, nose-blowing, throat-clearing etc. I felt like I was getting something last Friday but fought it off. Then on Sunday I ran a 5K, and a few hours later I felt like an allergy attack. Today it feels like it could be the vet school, post-cortisol cold.

So, since we have no exams this week, I am heading to bed with some theraflu, zicam, airborne to hopefully cut this bug off at the pass.

After this week, it's 2 tests per week for the rest of the month. I am slightly rejuvenated after a relaxing weekend (I only studied on Sunday and was so burnt out I didn't even feel guilty about it), but when I think of October I long for Thanksgiving.

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