Thursday, October 9, 2008

As I sit

This week I decided I am in a second year vet school depression, in which my life is not my own. I study for hours on end and it's not enough and all I want is a life again. The trees are changing and I cannot even hike to the mountaintop views. Fall will pass me by.

Along with my depression, I am very uneasy. My pharmacology midterm sits in my mailbox and I did not have time to go back to school tonight to get it. (Studied from 3 until 10:30 today, and nope not enough). So now I have to chose the best time for it to ruin my day tomorrow, Friday. To top it off, the professor wants to hold a review of the exam Friday at 5:30, can you think of a worse time? Guess there's no such thing as a weekend for a second year.

And to think, I wanted to go to the soccer game against Maryland tomorrow with my husband. Vet students should not have fun, they should never leave the building and should review their worst exam on Friday night!

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