Tuesday, November 18, 2008

No news is good news

Last I wrote it was just November and now I encroach the long-awaited Thanksgiving break. I am excited to kick it off with a spa certificate and some friends in DC, but I will have to study during break if I want to hold strong and make it through finals.

It's hard to believe there is only 1.5 weeks of class left and soon fall semester second year could be behind me! As much as I wanted Thanksgiving, I now long for December 17 much more.

I have been MIA not due to exams, but due to some nagging virus that landed in my throat and has only after a week decided to maybe move onto other pastures. I hate being sick. I have not been to the gym in a week, my back hurts, and I feel like a fat slob. I am feeling well enough to go to yoga tonight and hopefully get back in the swing of the gym soon.

Happy Thanksgiving to all! Halloween pictures to be posted soon.

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