Sunday, November 2, 2008

It is finally November!

October has finally ended, and as second year vet student this is quite the milestone. No exams this week, just an itty bitty quiz and a 10 point bacteriology lab unknown. The worst is over until finals. It's time to catch up on classes and sleep.

I believe I made it through October okay, still awaiting one grade, which may be the low-point because I was too tired to study for small animal nutrition midterm. The anxiety over the clinical techniques exam kept me from sleeping much the night before, despite my love affair with melatonin. I fell asleep in the library twice and could not stay up late or wake up early to study. I could not absorb anything and was just worn down.

Anyway clinical techniques went well, albeit nerve-wracking for no reason.

Halloween was a blast. I realized how little fun I had had this semester, when I actually had fun dancing and partying, especially as Wonder Woman.

One more big exam before Thanksgiving break; I need to redeem myself on small animal nutrition next Friday.

With the election Tuesday and football game Thursday, it is a welcome relief to enter November in a less stressful mindset.

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